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Gloria Morris
Lesbian Murder Mystery Books

Who is Gloria Morris?

She’s your skirt-chasing, lesbian private eye with the explosive sense of honor. Gloria is as appetizing as cherry pie and tough as a two-dollar steak. She champions the innocent while inflicting harsh justice on the guilty.


Private Detective
Murder Mystery Books

Author G.R. Browda presents the Gloria Morris Mystery Books with gratifying, heart-pounding tales of mystery, deceit, and lesbian love affairs. Turn the pages of these LGBTQ murder mystery books and follow Gloria as she navigates a world full of crime and passion. Nothing short of a real life Wonder Woman—Gloria revels in WLW romance, believes in justice, and kicks a lot of ass.

Meet Gloria Morris, the exciting Private Investigator in the hottest new lesbian books. And she’s waiting for YOU!

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Lesbian Book Series Gloria Morris Lesbian fiction books

She's a lover...

“We love with a love that is more than love.” — Sparkle Napier

She's a fighter...

“I can’t spare this woman — she fights!” — Sheridan Bannon

She's a believer...

“…with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right…” — Abraham Lincoln

Gloria's Waiting For You...

Lesbian fiction books Lesbian Book Series

Out of Control

A Gloria Morris Murder Mystery

Follow Gloria as she discovers treasonous political intrigue while participating in San Francisco’s ritzy soirees and sexual underground. “The lady wildly kisses Gloria on the mouth. Gorged and satiated after their lovemaking, the lady alludes to her crimes…”

Lesbian fiction books Lesbian Book Series

Honor In Control

A Gloria Morris Murder Mystery

Gloria romances a lovely woman but retains an explosive sense of honor—harsh justice for the guilty and tenderness for the innocent. She maneuvers through San Francisco’s alleyways and arteries in her quest for the truth and rescues a bevy of angelic young lives.

Gloria Morris Lesbian fiction books Lesbian Book Series

Champagne & Thongs Take Control

A Gloria Morris Murder Mystery

Gloria is thrilled that passion and love are enriching her life. Yet she must immerse herself into San Francisco’s dark underbelly to search for a runaway heiress. Along the way, she stumbles upon heinous crimes and deals with them as only she can.